What game to start learning poker from?

Many people have heard about poker, seen something on TV, they want to learn the game, but often do not know which of the varieties to study? Currently, leading poker rooms offer a fairly wide range of available games. Let’s take a look at the problem of choosing a game for initial study.
Am I prone to risk? In my opinion, this is one of the most important issues for orientation in the poker space. There are various psychological tests to assess the propensity to take risks, go, look. The more risky you are, the more sense it is to play tournaments or unlimited cash. But it is also impossible to overdo it, if you do not tolerate the risk, any kind of poker is contraindicated to you, but it is also contraindicated for crazy people who have an action running ahead of their thoughts.
Who am I – a mathematician or a psychologist? Probably, it is already pretty obvious that if you have a penchant for exact sciences, your way is to the limit, if your strength in the knowledge of people and psychology is in no-limit and MTT.
Am I ready to spend a lot of time learning or poker – is this just temporary entertainment? If poker is serious and for a long time, then it is quite possible to study more complex unlimited cash and MTT. If you just want to try yourself in the game, without plunging deeply yet, it will be easier to start with SnG tournaments or a limit.
Do I plan to reach unprecedented heights in poker, to become a famous player? The higher your goals, the more sense to play in tournaments, the limit at the moment has the worst prospect of development. High-level limit games are much more difficult to find than unlimited or tournaments.
Do I plan to play online or offline? I have already noted that the limit in real casinos and poker clubs is rare. Since only poker is recognized as a sports poker, it is worth paying attention to tournaments to play in real life.

Basic rules of a successful game in poker