The qualities of a successful poker player

1. Winners always need an advantage. This advantage comes from having a stronger hand, a good combination of draws, a vantage point, stronger skills, higher concentration and a lot of other things.
2. Winners aim to win. The drive to win forces them to do many unpleasant or unnatural things that others refuse to do. Perhaps the most difficult of them is the ability to abandon their ego, because self-conceit can make any of us a fool.
3. Winners have extremely high self control. Without self-control, a focus on winning can become self-destructive. This may cause you to take unnecessary risks or continue a long game after losing your advantage, and also fail to recognize that your hand is beaten or that the game is too hard for you and will do many other stupid things.
4. Winners are extremely realistic. They are not deceiving themselves with respect to their own and other people’s cards, the chances for a bank and the chances of winning, their own and others’ playing abilities or something else.
5. Winners are extremely concentrated. They fully concentrate on the game, because they subconsciously agree with the following principle: “Even in competition, the one who is most concentrated usually wins.” They study almost every card, bet, gesture or word.
6. Winners think consistently. They express in words their assumptions, observations, conclusions and the way in which they were derived.
7. Winners quickly admit their mistakes. Realistic, consistent thinking and control over their ego allows them to admit their mistakes. They may like their hand or a particular game, but if they get new information.
8. Winners learn from their mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, but winners rarely make them twice. Their desire to win in combination with their other qualities help them learn from their mistakes.
9. Winners take responsibility. They do not complain about the bad beats, the stupidity of opponents, the mistakes of dealers, downstrike or something else. They do not complain, because they accept the game for what it is – with all its troubles.
10. Winners do not transfer the game to the personal plane. Since “winning is everything,” and anger or other desires would diminish their advantage, they do not allow themselves to be angry or try to recoup immediately.
11. Winners adapt to change. They constantly watch the game, constantly think about how they should play right now, and then make the necessary changes.

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