Poker is not just a game!

Poker is one of the most exciting gambling games. Of course, to say that poker is a gamble is not entirely correct, because in most countries it is recognized as a sport, which means it depends on skill. However, in Russia, poker is recognized as a gamble, so who knows which of the politicians had a chance to lose the whole capital in this difficult but interesting game.
And yet, poker is a game of skill! How else to explain the winnings of professionals who devote a huge amount of time to the analysis of their hands, analysis of opponents and other aspects, without which a successful stable game is not possible? If you want to become a professional, then the first thing you need to learn is that poker is not a game that you can easily win. Like chess, you have to spend more than one year to achieve mastery. Of course, here too there are young talents who in a short time manage to conquer the summit, but this is a pronounced exception to the rules. poker it
Poker is a lifestyle
Poker is one of the opportunities to climb up the ladder of success for anyone who can soberly reason, control their emotions and, of course, is ready to work hard and work hard. Yes, you heard it right! It is to work, because if you want to play it professionally, then you will have to devote time to it commensurate with the full working day, or even much more. There is no easy money. Every year there are more and more strong players, so those who earned substantial amounts of poker in 2005 and stopped working on their game now cannot compete even at low limits. Have you chosen a poker player career? Get ready to work hard and hard!
Poker is not at all what we played as a child!
Most of us are familiar with the option of poker, which we played with our parents as a child. There we were given 5 cards, we could change any number of them in order to collect any combination. This type still exists and is called 5card draw, but it is not at all popular. For many years, it has been replaced by Texas Hold’em, with the rules of which you can familiarize yourself almost anywhere. It became popular due to its simplicity (in fact, there is nothing simple in it) and accessibility. The rules are really elementary, which allows beginners to think that poker is easy. However, it is these self-confident newbies who are waiting for the sharks, ready to take all your money to the last penny. Be careful and remember – poker is not as easy as it sounds.

Mathematics and Psychology in Poker