Mathematics and Psychology in Poker

If Freud played poker and ignored the pot odds and strategic principles, he would lose. He was the greatest psychologist, but the pot odds and poker strategy are higher than psychology. To win poker, you must learn how to use the pot odds and basic strategic concepts. However, simply knowing these things will not turn you into a winner, except for playing at low limits (too many low-limit players ignore pot odds and basic concepts, not realizing that in most of these games you can win simply by playing tight and following basic strategic rules), at higher limits, players play better and smarter, and there you will no longer be able to take advantage of the game on a simple set of rules.
In many games, almost all players understand the basic ratios and use a reasonable strategy. In such games, most of your advantage will come only from the use of psychology. Roy Cook said the following about this: “Poker is a game of people. If you want to succeed, you must be able to read them, get into their thoughts, think about what they think and make accurate decisions based on this information.”
The problem is that no one explains how to do it. Experts give hints about this and try to explain the essence, but none of them do it systematically. They do it haphazardly, because they themselves do not need a system. They are intuitive psychologists, not systematic. They naturally feel other players and they have a strange ability to understand what other people are doing and thinking. Mostly they can do this because of their ability to quickly reproduce many of their hands in their minds. But if you are a relative new to poker, then you cannot succeed in the same way. In fact, some of them do not know how they do it. It’s just a talent, like the talent of Michael Jordan to make unexpected moves. When someone blocked him, he immediately replied: he switched his hands, twisted his body and with force threw the ball a little higher than usual with a slightly different rotation. He could never tell how he did it. He did it just instinctively.

The qualities of a successful poker player

Poker is not just a game!