Basic rules of a successful game in poker

1. Your most important enemy is denial. If people get rid of denial, the entire gaming industry will instantly shatter into pieces. Casinos know that gamblers have no chance at a distance, but these players continue and continue to deceive themselves. In most games against casinos, it is impossible to win, and in poker only a few can constantly win.
2. You must study yourself more deeply. Poker culture is usually superficial and simplistic, and difficult moments are discussed only occasionally. For example, many expert-level players believe that the only and primary reason for playing poker is winning money. They too emphasize this monetary reason because poker for them is a business and perhaps the only source of income.
3. First of all, you should focus on other players. Although you must analyze yourself, you must first concentrate on other players. Every expert does this. In fact, the most important difference between experts and everyone else is that experts focus directly on other players, while others focus on themselves.
4. Game styles reflect the wishes and concerns of people. Understanding these motivations will help you win against opponents. Many experts discuss how to play against players of various types, but they ignore the question of what makes people play in one style or another. If you understand the motives and promptings of, say, a loosely passive player, you can play better against him.
5. Poker is a game of betting. You cannot influence the cards you are dealt with and most of your decisions must follow the first four principles. The basic idea of ​​poker may not be the easiest. In the long run, we all get about an equal number of both strong and weak hands. If you play your hands well, you win, otherwise you lose. That’s all.
6. You must think rationally, that is, think and make assumptions consistently. No solution can be reached without preparation. Make your thought process obvious to you by saying to yourself the process of making each decision.
7. One of the best ways to improve your results is to change your playing style. If you play in the wrong style, then you will lose. It is very simple. You can read books, remember chances and even sometimes make uniquely correct decisions, but you will still lose.
8. Your game should completely depend on what happens at the table in this game and in this draw. You must fully focus on the game, and you must instantly adapt to those players who participate in this bank.

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